Christine Howard is a sought-after speaker and innovative business leader. Her transformative products and coaching services books and talks are instrumental in awakening the radiance and power of women’s true beauty and their ability to achieve their soul-centered calling, passionate in her commitment to inspiring the lives of women.

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Christine’s work first began during her own transformational heartbreak, rising from a startling diagnosis of breast cancer followed by a painful divorce. Today she is widely known as an authority on radiant achievement, teaching, and speaking to audiences worldwide. This episode is all about growth, letting go, transformation, and self-care.

In This Episode

  • Learn about how experiences of betrayal can lead you to unexpected transformation
  • Discover how to step out of chaos and live a radiantly fulfilling life


“The stress I was facing in my marriage was part of what created the health conditions, too.” [3:46]

“I’d love doing quick writes as far as the journal, and I would sit down and have no particular – just what I was feeling, just connecting in, getting still and quiet, and then whatever came up writing it down.” [11:26]

“I stopped those emotions that hurt the denial.” [16:55]

“I was the biggest betrayer of me.” [20:14]

“That transformation is a reawakening of my essence.” [27:37]

“You don’t have to have it all figured out. You don’t have to know all the steps. You have to be willing to step into a higher version of you and use everything in front of you that you’re going through, as an opportunity for growth.” [29:33]


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