Clare Dubé is a financial therapist and founder of Smart Chats, a financial service helping couples and business partners save their finances and their relationships. Clare is an expert in taking financial situations from chaos to clarity and connection due to her own family business betrayal, and she works zealously to help others from making the same mistakes. 

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Unequal payments and draws in her family business lead Clare to start doing some self-work which prepared her for the ultimate betrayal of being cut out of what she was owed by her brothers, including her children’s college funds. Today Clare is here to shed light on how to keep things fair, embrace your value and start creating some boundaries. 

If you have experienced a family or business betrayal and want to start looking at your situation with a different lens so that you can start to ease your pain, Clare’s journey is one you have got to hear. How does Clare’s story of resilience and turning your hardest pain into your greatest gift inspire you to stand up for yourself? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below. 

In This Episode

  • How to look through other peoples lenses to forgive but not forget
  • Tips for managing your feelings when a betrayal is never acknowledged 
  • How to use your betrayal as a motivating factor pushing you forward to success
  • The importance of clear boundaries and how they can improve any relationship
  • Why you need to seek clarity for yourself and others while speaking up and asking questions


“It was when I started to really work very hard in this business and brought so much value to the business that I was starting to realize that shift was coming. It’s not about my self-worth, it’s the value I am putting forth in this company.” (5:16)

“Its really a deep dive that you have to keep questioning because you can’t just accept the first answer, you have to keep on going.” (7:33)

“I could choose to be a victim in it or I could choose to roll up my sleeves, start my own business and use my value in a way that I knew was best.” (11:42)

“It has to become a boundary, it has to be a lesson learned and it has to be a reminder.” (15:08)

“If you have been betrayed, whether it is in business or relationships, everybody plays a part so question where you are, what part you played, and be a part of it. Don’t take yourself out of the situation.” (19:21)


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