Tommy Breedlove is on a mission to empower humans to build a legendary life. A men’s mindset, relationship, and business coach, Tommy helps guide his audiences and clients to discover their zone of brilliance while living a balanced, meaningful life. An advocate for healing from self-betrayal through self-love, Tommy is bringing his amazingly profound mindset shifts to you to help you transform from a mess to success. 

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If you want to gain a male perspective on self-betrayal, explore what it was like to take part in an intense group therapy process, or are just looking for a few tips on self-compassion and self-respect, Tommy is the guy you need to hear from. We only get so many spins around the sun, and Tommy wants to empower you to make the choice to find your purpose and live the best life you can. 

With an attitude of servitude, compassion and raw honesty, Tommy has turned his life around and is here to share his story and inspire you to do the same. Are you ready to do the hard work to have everything you want in life? Share this episode with a man in your life and let us know the response in the comments below. 

In This Episode

  • Tools to help keep you accountable when times get tough
  • Why you need to give yourself the love and compassion you give everyone else 
  • The importance of talking about our darkness and knowing we are not alone
  • Tips for carrying yourself with power instead of force
  • How to become a better leader through empowerment and guidance


“So many people loved me when I couldn’t love myself, and it leads to just disastrous consequences.” (7:32)

“Out of fear and out of wanting to be accepted and out of feeling unloveable, if there was a list of 100 things not to do, I had probably checked off about 90 of them. And at 37 years old I almost lost it all.” (11:53)

“I still do the hard work each and every day to be the best human I can be. But all of that process started with those 2 programs and then it’s just crazy what has happened in my life in self-respect, self-love, in my marriage, in my network, to my business, it’s just been this beautiful thing because it has been this slow shift from fear to abundance.” (15:35)

“How many spins do we get around the sun? We don’t know, so why don’t we choose to live as happy and as healthy as we can while we are here.” (17:23)

“I don’t want to change them, I just want to give them more tools to be legendary in their businesses, their careers, but just as importantly in their families and in their lives.” (24:22)

“It’s not if life is going to happen, but when.” (26:43)


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