January 4



A tale as old as business itself, Dr. Felice Gersh was blindsided by her patient turned business partner and best friend when she betrayed her to start a competing practice. Today Felice is sharing how she was able to pick up the pieces, manage the emotions of being betrayed, and grow forward.

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Felice is sharing her experience in both personal and professional betrayal, how it impacted both her family and her business, and how this helped her focus on what’s important in life. By doing the best you can to keep looking ahead and not stressing over the impossible battles, Felice believes that everyone can adapt, adjust and move on. A beautiful message of resilience and rebuilding, today’s episode is all about accepting that betrayal is always a possibility in a relationship, and not letting it stop you anyways. 

Have you felt the sting of betrayal? How did you overcome it? Let me know in the comments below!

In This Episode

  • What to do when you feel silenced by your betrayer
  • Not letting betrayal slow you down and leading by example
  • Keeping things above board for the sake of business civility
  • Attempt to dissolve rumors while still looking reputable
  • Why you should try and have fewer assumptions


“I was in complete fantasyland thinking everything was great when obviously for quite some time she was strategizing and planning” (2:31)

“It was a blend of every negative emotion that you can think of is what I went through experiencing. And it was a heartbreak.” (5:41)

“My motto was ‘you just have to keep going’, and you can’t just sit and stew in your juices, you know. You have to just keep moving forward.” (9:16)

“I think that going through that made me realize that you know what, if I could sort of deal with this, this was such an attack on so many levels you know personal and professional, that I could withstand most anything.” (17:48)

“You can’t go into relationships with the expectation that they are going to end up badly. I think we need to be brave and we have to just accept that sometimes people will betray us. But if we don’t have that relationship that we could lose or be betrayed by, then we will never have any relationships, right?” (20:24)


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