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In The Unshakable Woman, I offer my interpretation on the idea of death and rebirth, explaining that sometimes things have to come to a full stop, a complete closure, in order for you to move forward and move on. It’s like continually repairing everything that goes wrong with a house that was initially built on a shaky foundation. You can repair the cracks, the leaks, the appliances, and the floors. You can repaint, redecorate, and add beautiful landscaping. Yet, even with all that, sometimes you just need to knock it all down and build a stronger house that’s built on a rock-solid foundation so that no matter how strong the elements are, the structure remains unshakable.

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When we’re trying to move forward, it’s natural that old thoughts, behaviors, habits, triggers, scenarios, reminders, and people keep us tied to the past. So often I’ll hear of people moving to a new area for a fresh start, changing jobs or changing partners in their search for a new beginning. It’s all well and good if you’re changing these things for the right reasons. When you’re hoping that a new situation creates a new you, without doing the internal work to help you get there, you’re destined to bring the old version of you wherever you go.

So, if your intention is to shed the old and embrace the new, how can you do it? It could be a daily practice that helps shed the old thinking to embrace the new, or a ceremonial type of activity to make the change “official,” or anything that signifies for you the completion of something that you’re moving on from.


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