Did you know that confronting your past can help you get your health back on track? Just ask Debbie Emick, who is living proof of this.

Faced with autoimmune diseases, she tried everything she knew to regain her health, like taking medication, developing healthy eating and exercise habits, and even reducing her stress levels. Despite these attempts, her health continued to deteriorate, leaving her frustrated and depressed. Eventually, she discovered her greatest source of self-healing, which was overcoming her people-pleasing and perfectionist tendencies.

In today’s episode of From Betrayal to Breakthrough, Debbie Emick shares with us how unresolved childhood trauma can sneak up on us and wreak havoc on our health, and what she went through to achieve self-healing.

About Guest/Topic

Debbie Emick is a co-creator and blogger at gobucketyourself.com. She is also the co-host of the One Life Live It podcast.

While suffering from multiple autoimmune diseases, Debbie discovered the mind-body connection to healing, and the importance of confronting repressed emotions and past trauma. Today, she enjoys a healthier and more fulfilling life.

She lives on the plains of southeastern Colorado with her husband, two daughters, a dog, and six chickens. When she’s not traveling to the mountains, the beach, or Hispanic countries, you’ll find her at home in her sunroom, or on her back porch sipping hot tea.

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In This Episode

  • Who is Debbie Emick? [0:11]
  • What is her story? [1:30]
  • What were some of the physical symptoms that she experienced during her childhood?  [9:42]
  • What attempts did she do to manage her childhood trauma at that time? [11:22]
  • What are some somatic practices and activities that helped Debbie? [19:36]
  • …and many more


“When I was able to actually process and release some emotional trauma, some repressed emotions, physical pain also began to leave my body.” [04:41]

“The more emotional work I did, the more worthiness I could find in myself, and then I could use food in a loving way and I could use exercise in a loving way, not like a punishing way or a controlling way. And so, I started to let go of that perfectionism and be more vulnerable and open and really see who I really was. [14:05]  

“When we hold our emotions or our trauma, we’re doing something to our nervous system that we can’t see, right? But it’s a physical, chemical, hormonal response that overtime is creating this chronic condition in our body, whatever it is, and it’s directly tied to lung disease, to heart disease, both of which I had.” [28:15]

“This is my life and I get to decide to live it, and I get to decide to be vulnerable and authentic in myself and not keep secrets or hide things anymore.” [28:44]

“Avoiding, numbing, distracting may work for a while, but it always catches up to us.” [32:48]


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