Are you exhausted with all you are doing to be beautiful? With all of that effort, you could be betraying yourself by denying discovering who you really are. Diane Kazer is a former pro-soccer player turned functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner, courage coach, and holistic beauty expert. Your go-to-girl to break through anything despite what you have been through or been told, Diane is here today to stop the patterns of toxic beauty and put an end to the toxic stories we tell ourselves once and for all.

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The price of being beautiful is one of the biggest measures of self-betrayal, and Diane is here to help you release the toxic chemicals, toxic stories, and beliefs that are keeping you confined to your suffering, sickness, and sadness. By cleansing your body, healing your hormones, and igniting your life, Diane’s tried and true method of healing can help you discover and appreciate who you are truly meant to be.

Diane wants to show you the template of a healthier way of life so that you can cleanse your stories, heal your trauma, and ignite your purpose. If you are spending a lifetime trying to please others in the way that you look, feel, and live, you will never find the fulfillment you are so deserving of.

Are you ready to get to the root of your beliefs so that you can start healing and believing that you are enough? Share what you loved most about Diane’s framework with us in the comments below.

In This Episode

  • What is toxic beauty and how it is engrained into our societies messages
  • How to find a balance within the unrealistic beauty messages sent by society
  • Gain the courage to face the darkness and integrate the wisdom of your story
  • Why having a coach is the best way to navigate toxins and trauma and heal quickly


“This is what we are taught, that if you don’t have this perfect shaped face and nose and hair and body and butt and boobs, then you are going to “kicked out of this tribe”. And what is this tribe? This tribe is called Instagram, this tribe is called Facebook, this tribe is called the magazines and the media and pop culture. And so when we don’t follow the template we have this sense of shame and this shame is the self-betrayal that I want to talk about.” (4:01)

“There are three ways that we can self betray. And that is physical, emotional, and spiritual.” (9:26)

“There is wisdom in the wound, and in that shadow, you can find your light. But only until you have faced your darkness will you know your light, so it takes so much courage.” (17:30)

“You want to know what your future looks like? Look at your past. If you haven’t healed it, it’s going to keep happening.” (22:44)

“This needs to happen now. Look at our world, we need all of you, every single one of you to rise. And it starts with using your own eyes to undisguised yourself of who you think you are supposed to be.” (25:15)


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