Deep trauma experienced as a child by someone that you trust can have lasting impacts for the remainder of your life. In some cases, specifically in trauma happening before the age of nine years old, that trauma can lead to D.I.D or dissociative identity disorder, more commonly known as multiple personality disorder. JD Covert was exposed to this type of trauma and subsequent personality affliction first hand and has come out the other side to share her story and help others dealing with D.I.D know that they are not alone.

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It takes a true understanding of D.I.D to realize that you are not weak, you are in fact a survivor. JD is here to explain what exactly D.I.D is, how it is formed in the autonomic nervous system, and ways that you can take steps forward to get past this ultimate betrayal. We explore the process in which you can create alters as a means of protection or defiance from childhood, how to get yourself to work as one cohesive unit instead of separate parts, and how to successfully live a full life as a host.

Once you come to terms with you or a loved ones D.I.D you can start to heal by recognizing triggers, and the signs of going into an alter so you can heal. Plus, once your alters recognize that you can take care of yourself, they will only be called upon when it is the best situation. It is possible to live a productive and happy life with D.I.D once you are able to make sense and meaning of what you have experienced and where you are going.

Do you or anyone you know suffer from diagnosed or potentially undiagnosed D.I.D? Share with us in the comments below.

In This Episode

  • Learning how to operate in the social engagement system versus the reptilian system
  • What it is like to be in contact with your non-verbal triggers and personalities
  • Signs that your trauma began at an early age, was consistent or is lingering subconsciously
  • Looking at yourself as a survivor without dissociating and creating a new personality
  • How to move through the anger of a betrayal leading to D.I.D and find forgiveness for yourself


“When I met my first personality, that’s exactly what I felt. Because in that sensation you have no control, someone is taking over your body, you don’t get a say and they are totally doing whatever they want to do and you’re just watching.” (12:15)

“I always had to feel like I was in balance, and I didn’t know how to explain to anybody else, I never heard anybody else do this thing. But now that I know I am D.I.D, that is basically what I was doing, keeping my alters happy.” (22:07)

“You realize all of this was for survival, you were the ultimate survival. Anything that you needed to do, any one of your alters were created to survive.” (26:19)

“Now knowing that I am D.I.D its like I know that all of us have to get together as a group, all of us have to work through the betrayal, and now that we can do it as a system we are all doing it at the same time instead of having to do one at a time.” (32:46)


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