Debora Wayne is an internationally known energy healer and pain release specialist whose expertise lies in helping people rapidly find and remove the hidden causes of their chronic pain, depression, trauma and more. An artist, reiki master, dancer, yoga teacher and founder of the Biofield Healing Institute, Debora is an expert when it comes to the manifestation of emotional wounds into physical ailments.

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Everything in our world is energy, and negative energy can become stuck inside of you, with no place to escape. Debora helps her clients tap into this unresolved energy trauma to heal themselves before this energy manifests into a disease or illness in the body. While a physical manifestation of emotion is your bodies way of crying out for help, Debora has created an accurate and fast acting way to heal your biofield energy and change the patterns of your vibrations for good.

Every thought we have creates an emotional reaction inside the body, which releases chemicals and impacts our nervous system, immune system, and more. By equipping yourself with tools to help tap into your unconscious energy fields, identify your unresolved trauma and interrupt your energy patterns, you can release your stuck energy and shift your awareness. Based on the principles of physics and wildly embraced over decades of healing, Debora provides insights to help you alter your energetic pattern and start feeling better almost instantly.

Your chronic back pain or headaches could be a result of unaddressed emotional trauma. By facing your patterns, recognizing your symptoms and being willing to transform, you can heal your bodies energetic information, along with your physical conditions as well.

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In This Episode

  • How energy can get stuck inside of you and contribute to your physical challenges
  • Ways to remove damaging self-talk that you may not even be originally aware of
  • Learning how to communicate via the world’s energy field and vibrational levels
  • Symptoms that can be tied to an unhealed betrayal or unhealthy energy patterns
  • How to measure your light, energy, emotional, physical pain and subtle energy field changes


“I kept trying to force myself into a box, into a world, into a life, that wasn’t right for me, and it almost killed me.” (4:30)

“Our brain does not know how to keep us happy, it just keeps us alive, repeating this same pattern again and again until somebody helps you go deeper and asks you the right questions to get to the root.” (13:13)

“Within seconds I can scan someone’s field, feel exactly where there is a disturbance, and change the vibration and create a harmonious vibration, and the old pattern will get interrupted and drop out of the field.” (21:19)

“We’re very disconnected often times from much of the information that is constantly inside us, and around us, that is affecting us, but we have never learned to pay attention to it.” (25:08)

“We are constantly getting information that is energetic, we just haven’t learned to take it seriously.” (26:49)


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