I can hardly believe that we have reached the 100 episode milestone, and I know that you have learned a lot throughout the amazing array of guests I have been lucky enough to talk to. To celebrate I wanted to share with you the seven greatest lessons I have learned in the past 99 episodes, and provide you with a recap of some of the experts that may be worth revisiting depending on your topic of interest. 

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My goal is to provide you with an array of tools and amazing insights so that you can take off your rose-colored glasses and start moving the needle on your healing journey. Everything from divorce to forgiveness and essential oils has been covered in the past 100 episodes, and I am here today to highlight those that are going to help you live a confident and resilient life regardless of your betrayal history. 

If you are ready to heal from your betrayal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, I am here to help you onto the path of true happiness. No matter what your betrayal you can come out on the other side, and it is through these seven greatest lessons that you can empower yourself to do so. 

Are you ready to rediscover the fire within yourself and find the lesson you need to learn in order to heal? Share some of your favorite episodes with us and let us know what topics you want to hear more of in the comments below. 

In This Episode

  • Recap the biggest takeaways and greatest lessons from the last 99 episodes
  • Highlight the non-negotiable importance of support when dealing with betrayal trauma 
  • Learn the role of the body-mind connection when dealing with betrayal
  • Why you should choose empowerment instead of a victim mindset to achieve healing
  • Tips for embracing resilience, transformation, and forgiveness when healing from betrayal


“Those were the episodes that I feel really shared the depth and importance of relationships and possibility, so if any of those resonated with you, go on in and listen to those again, you will get so much more out of it.” (17:49)

“While it may be impossible to eliminate all of the stress from your life, it is possible to train your brain to handle stressful situations with more grace and ease by employing tools such as regarding your mind before a stressful event and replenishing yourself afterward, you can build up your capacity to cope with the challenges of life.” (28:28)

“There are so many different tools that we can use to heal and that is why hopefully I want you to listen and relisten so that you can find the tools that work for you.” (31:57)

“Going through a betrayal impacts every part of us including physically, mentally and emotionally, and spiritually. When we are not able to heal and release the trauma, it can build up inside our cellular memory and cause illness, disease and unnecessary stress. It is only by treating our symptoms in a holistic way that we can begin to understand the mind-body connection.” (42:49)

“If you feel as though you wear a shield of protective armor that is hiding a fraud, its time to take off your battle uniform and live a life full of authenticity and happiness.” (1:09:22)


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