Darrah Brustein is equal parts teacher, connector and founder of Life By Design, Not By Default. After multiple betrayals in the business world including losing her job, embezzlement from her partners, and the lack of faith from her mother, Darrah came out the other side as the embodiment of the power of persistence. 

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Now a prolific writer, co-host of a YouTube channel with Deepak Chopra and a profound speaker, Darrah is here to share how you can build a life of your own design. Darrah is passionate about sharing everything that got her to where she is today, from the benefits of business betrayals to embracing your failures and what she learned as a result. After being burned by the people she trusted and a system she believed in, Darrah harnessed her motivation to move forward and leaned into her intuition, and you can too.

The true manifestation of effortlessness, Darrah wants to help you define a life that defines success for yourself, builds a career to help you fund it and attracts a network to support it. No matter the challenges you have faced, success is often right around the corner from failure, but if you stop at failure you will never reach it. Darrah is here to inspire you to create your zone of genius and keep moving forward while embracing the lessons the universe wants you to learn.

Can you relate to Darrah’s story of business betrayal? Head on over to the episode page and let us know what has kept you going or held you back in the comments below. 

In This Episode

  • Questions you should ask yourself if it seems bad luck is following your every move
  • Ways to become comfortable with uncertainty and lean into whatever life throws at you
  • Tips for following your intuition and how to use your past to embrace your future
  • How Darrah was able to cultivate a dream relationship with Deepak Chopra


“I realized that the narrative that I had been taught, and almost spoon-fed my whole life, of you know, kind of the American dream. Go to school, get good grades, get a job, get the house, and so on, happily ever after, was not working for me in any way, shape or form.” (7:22)

“Instead of doing the thing I did the first time and picking the thing that I already knew I was passionate about and trying to make that an enjoyable and fulfilling career, which didn’t work. Let me try and reverse engineer this and try and find things that I am excited about doing and help me feel motivated and energized on a day to day basis and then become excited about the product or service as a result.” (9:09)

“It all came back down to the reputation and that we were building and building and doing it the right with integrity, and someone ripped that out from under us.” (16:57)

“I am a deep believer in where the current is taking you and where momentum exists organically is the cue that you are on the right path. And when it is not, and you are white-knuckling it and when you are swimming upstream is when you are not.” (19:18)

“Look for the evidence in your past to find even a tiny example of when things clicked and worked and how that felt, and let that even be a tiny example for you of how you can build more of that.” (26:05)


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