Going through menopause can be extremely overwhelming and stressful for women. Aside from marking the end of their fertility, it gives rise to a series of hormonal imbalances that lead to various physical and emotional changes. 

What exactly are the common hormones affected in the process? What role do they play in the changes that women experience during menopause? 

Finding the answers to these questions is one thing, but it’s important for us women to accept the changes that we are going through. And that is what Dr. Debra Muth does.

About Guest/Topic

Dr. Debra Muth is a Naturopathic practitioner and the owner of Serenity Health Care Center. As an advocate for women’s health, she founded Phoenix Factor—a health optimization program for high-functioning female executives. 

Dr. Debra aims to empower more women by providing organic ways of dealing with menopause. She is currently hosting a natural health and wellness podcast called Let’s Talk Wellness.

In this episode, Dr. Debra Muth discusses how women can navigate menopause and midlife with optimism. 

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In This Episode

  • Identify the correlation between menopause and women’s inner triggers
  • Recognize the effects of menopause on a woman’s sex drive
  • Identify the common hormones affected by menopause
  • Identify the symptoms of Perimenopause
  • Achieve the proper outlook for menopause
  • Discover natural ways to balance your hormones


“As I moved into menopause, and my body started changing, and it didn’t operate the way it used to … out come all of these feelings of insecurity and inferiority again.” [3:52]

“If we thought it was bad as a teenager, menopause is just another enlightened moment for us. And so, we start to have more problems with focus and concentration and sexual desire goes away, energy changes, and our sleep patterns are bad.” [7:25]

“There’s something about menopause that’s a timestamp of ‘here’s a new chapter’, and your body is letting you know.” [9:54]

“80% of the time, if your diet’s really clean, you will not experience as many hot flashes or as many complications as women who have that typical American diet.” [15:38]

“You want to try to get as many foods as you can organically.” [17:43]

“Surround yourself with people that lift you up. Get rid of the people that have been bringing you down for the last 50 years that you haven’t got the guts to get rid of. Unfriend them.” [19:30]

“Your life’s not half over––it’s just half beginning because now you get to spend the next half of your life.” [21:03]

“Getting back in tune with who you are and what you want to be is huge. And then, just pay attention to your body. Listen to your body.” [25:36]


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