Have you ever felt dismissed or ignored in the doctor’s office? This can be a form of medical betrayal and can leave many people feeling confused and without answers. Dr. Tom Moorcroft realized the deep connection between mental and emotional symptoms and hidden infections such as Lyme disease and mold and has set out to bring the news to patients and doctors alike to help provide those suffering from the trusting care they deserve. 

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It may surprise you that everything from your brain to your heart and your gut are connected. When you experience trauma, betrayal or are infected with a toxin that impacts your immune or digestive system, it can wreak havoc on your body and cause mood changes, sleep disruptions and a whole host of other mental, emotional and physical issues. In this episode Dr. Tom is explaining the science behind physical and behavioral changes due to an illness or infection, the difference between Pandas, Pans, and Polyvagal Theory, and what symptoms to be looking out for.

Get ready to learn something on this episode as we dive into how your doctor’s dismissal to the psychologist’s office could be misplaced, understand how your gut is related to all systems of your body, and explore how to reconnect with your head and heart by healing the disease you may not even know you have. 

Just because your doctor may not understand the complexity of your symptoms, it doesn’t mean that they do not exist. Once you are able to understand how the gut, heart, and mind are all connected, you can work to heal yourself from the inside out and give yourself permission to do the things you love again. Has a steal infection or illness impacted you or the ones you love? Share what steps you are taking to find a solution in the comments below. 

In This Episode

  • Different therapeutic approaches to become grounded in who you are
  • How to step away from including your disease as part of your identity 
  • Understanding the connection between your gut, anxiety, and memories
  • Helping to heal your emotions, brain, and heart by first healing your gut 
  • Altering the biochemical changes in your brain after experiencing a betrayal 


“A lot of people feel like they have been betrayed by the system. And it’s not so much the system doing the wrong thing on purpose, it’s often that their symptoms are so complex that they don’t understand it.” (2:38)

“I’m not saying don’t do therapy, don’t do the medicines, but also once you do those things that are medically appropriate, also continue to look for the underlying cause.” (8:39)

“If we change what is going on in the gut, it changes our ability to create new memories, retrieve old memories, and also to deal with fear properly.” (17:27)

“Just because someone else is using different words and reacting to an experience different than I am, it doesn’t mean that I am right and they are wrong or vice versa.” (22:53)

“As you open your heart and experience some more joy, your gut will open up.” (27:39)


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