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Do you sometimes feel as though the world is dealing you all of the hard cards, without letting up for a break? As Elias Patras explains, this could be because of subconscious negative thoughts that you project into the Universe, manifesting negativity at every corner.

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Elias Patras is a motivational intuitive coach, author, holistic bodyworker and more who uses intuitive energy to promote self-growth and exploration. Elias believes in our power to co-create whatever we want out of the Universe when we are able to listen and connect to the signals we receive.

After a betrayal, it may seem as though it is impossible to focus on positivity. But, when you learn the lesson that the Universe was trying to teach you, you will be amazed at the benefits that you receive. Elias is here to help you understand the patterns of your subconscious, rebuild your shattered emotions and trust in your ability to manifest happiness by providing you with tools and practices.

We all have the innate ability to use intention, action, and manifesting to create the life of your dreams. Instead of getting dragged down with your subconscious trauma, start putting yourself first and work to fall in love with yourself again. Once you are able to accept love, reject fear and understand the patterns of our subconscious, you will become at peace with the Universe and find serenity within yourself.

How has your history or betrayal affected the way that you see the world? Share which of Elias’s tips were your favorite in the comments section.


In This Episode

  • Understanding the grieving process after betrayal and ways to rebuild
  • How to manifest intentions and actions into the life that you want and deserve
  • Why you should be careful when using the words ‘I Am’
  • Ways that negative emotions can manifest physically into disease
  • Distinguishing the difference between a partner complimenting or completing you



“How can I manifest something for myself if I am constantly focusing on someone else?” (4:20)

“Words are wonderful, let’s see what they do about those words, actions speak louder than words.” (8:44)

“When you have a complete person, and another complete person comes along and they put these two circles together, it is like a nice infinity sign. There is an ebb and flow and that person compliments you, they support you to compliment you being the best you. And if for some reason that is taken away, you are still complete.” (16:17)

“The feeling piece is the important piece, if you don’t feel it, it’s not going to happen.” (21:52)

“If you want to get to the next step, if you want to get to the next place, believe in self. And if you don’t believe in self, there are so many people around you who do.” (28:57)



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  • I enjoyed Elias’s take on getting to the root of our negative thinking. How the deep negative thoughts about ourselves STOP the positive manifestations coming into our lives. Big aha moment.
    Thank you for this interesting conversation from London, UK!

  • I enjoyed this episode. I listened perhaps from a different perspective than some. My betrayer is my own body, my physical self. I have a chronic illness and I have felt so betrayed by my own self. Being angry with one’s self can be so damaging. I recognize that and I’m trying to change those thoughts but it’s difficult with daily reminders of pain and limitations. I liked the idea Elias presented about writing those emotions down and tearing them up. I’d never have thought to write those feelings down because I’m clearly aware of them. I’m steeped in them daily so what reason would I have to simply put it out there in writing? But after Elias spoke of this it was like an ‘ah ha’ moment for me. I’m repeatedly buying journals for myself. Continually. Food journals. Doctor appointment journals. Research journals. Medication/supplement journals. Symptom tracker journals. Never do I jot down my feelings in any of these journals. Time to change that. Thanks, Elias.

  • Tami, I love the a-ha moments! Getting the feelings out is so important and when we write and verbally talk the words out, at least for me, is so cathartic. All the best to you Tami.

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