Do you feel as though you come alive when in nature? There is a science to this, and Dr. Maya Shetreat is an expert in the ways that reconnecting with the Earth can provide transformational healing. MD, neurologist, herbalist, urban farmer and author of The Dirt Cure, Dr. Maya uses nature to help others feel better and navigate a crossroads.

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Today Dr. Maya explains how you can use nature to ground yourself and be reborn through your crisis as a more true version of who you are. She digs into the constant and ancient connections to nature you may have forgotten about, how to find a sacred place for your own healing both indoors and outdoors, and shares ways that you can protect yourself while creating a healing relationship with the Earth.

Once you understand the specific role nature plays in the life of a sensitive person or an empath, you can better harness those natural powers to help yourself feel better. Dr. Maya is here to provide tools for you to help find your own inner guidance and purpose by connecting to nature.

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In This Episode

  • Understanding the emotional support and transformative power of nature
  • Specific ways that you can bring nature into your life during travel or work
  • How to avoid emotional burnout and navigate challenges as an empath
  • The importance of cleaning yourself and your space before a big event
  • Learn how to protect yourself and creating a healing relationship with the Earth


“Literally going outside and being connected to the Earth, it sounds very basic or very obvious or sort of silly, but in fact, it’s very powerful.” (6:32)

“This idea that we actually connect to the environment around us, it is a true way of healing.” (9:19)

“Cleaning yourself with water is a critical part of caring for your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.” (20:58)

“[Being an empath] is a really important thing to know about yourself, because there are a lot of gifts associated with it, and it just takes special care to kind of navigate these challenges that can come up.” (26:33)


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