A transformational teacher, coach, author, communication trainer and creator of Super Conscious Self Coaching, Erika Laszlo has helped transform thousands of lives in 25 countries and 5 continents. Erika created the DEMERT method to help others forgive their hurt with 2 simple steps. With 25 years of experience in spiritual development and teaching, Erika is here today to share her unique method to help you heal and forgive.

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Erika uses a unique coaching system with colored charts and family trees to understand the ‘why’ behind the betrayals in your life. Today she is highlighting the importance of being specific in your forgiveness, how to concentrate on what to do after you find out ‘why’, and how to break the family lineage and end a betrayal once and for all. Plus, listen in as I get my own Super Conscious reading and learn about the marital betrayals on my mother’s side that has energetically impacted my family for generations.

If betrayal is showing up in your life, it could be past lineage wanting to be resolved. You have the power to stop the betrayal by acknowledging your hurt and using acceptance as a way to attract happier things into your life. Erika uses her intuitive ability to see the stories of a person’s past to understand why they may be experiencing something, and shares this visceral talent with you today.

Your betrayal serves a great purpose because you now have the power to stop it. Are you ready to free yourself from whatever is holding you back with the DEMERT 2 Step Forgiveness Method? Share how it helped your experience with forgiveness in the comments below.

In This Episode

  • Using science and research to understand inherited trauma in the present
  • Which two steps you need to take in order to forgive from all levels of your being
  • How to hold the energy of acceptance within yourself to find peace in others
  • Ways to free yourself from the anger and resistance like a bag of rotten potatoes
  • Understanding the genetic energy connected to triggering betrayals


“I think love helped me out to get through it, you know?” (6:16)

“For me somehow it seems, that the times when women have betrayed me has always been more difficult, or even I can say, un-understandable.” (8:06)

“Forgiving is not about the other person, it’s about freeing yourself up from the heaviness of the anger because the anger is in us and not the other person.” (17:24)

“With the DEMERT system, we also transform the energies. Basically, we don’t transform it, the energy transforms by itself. It’s proven by quantum physics, as we focus on something, that something has to change its behavior.” (29:34)

“I did it, I know it can be done, and it is so much easier and lighter without the anger and with the forgiveness, and it is really my hope for everybody.” (33:26)


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