Are you ready to enter back onto the dating scene after your betrayal but are worried about your ability to feel empowered or loveable? Lisa Copeland assists women in their 40’s and beyond to find love again by helping them find their confidence and move into the dating world with ease.

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After a betrayal, it can be difficult to address the internalized beliefs that others have put on you. When you step back and question what you are saying to yourself you gain the ability to release your negative thoughts and start valuing yourself above all else. When you feel radiant on the inside it expresses outwards, and that is what men, and women, fall in love with.

Lisa provides tools to help you create a dating blueprint that can attract men at all times and appreciate yourself to the fullest. Providing dating advice that any 50-year-old woman would want to know, Lisa is a shining example of the power of positivity and a clear vision.

Has your betrayal impacted your ability to find love again? What tool are you going to put to work today to stop limiting yourself based on other peoples beliefs and finally find happiness? Share with us in the comments below.

In This Episode

  • How to realize if you are internalizing other peoples false negative beliefs
  • Becoming aware of the steps necessary for successful dating after a betrayal
  • Understanding the chemical changes of your emotions as you get older
  • Learn ways to allow others to give to you by nurturing yourself first
  • Ways to let go of the beliefs that are keeping you down and embrace your next step


“I know a lot of women think ‘oh my god I am on a short time span here’. Which you are not, you have a lot of years still.” (2:09)

“Women forget how amazing they are because they have been listening to an ex never saying anything to them, or saying negative things to them.” (8:38)

“This is a time to really start giving to you, to nurture yourself. It is a really great time to sit down and every day say, ‘I am going to do this for me’.” (10:19)

“What I always tell women is to give nice men a chance. Because they can grow on you.” (19:11)

“You want to shine from the inside out, and that is what makes you attractive and beautiful to a man.” (28:24)


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