Betrayal can leave an intense emotional toxic buildup in its wake, so you must equip yourself with every tool possible to help navigate betrayal and learn to forgive. Dr. Eric Zielinkski is an aromatherapist, chiropractor, public health researcher and author of The Healing Power of Essential Oils. Today he is shedding light on the cumulative effect that betrayal can have, and what you need to do in order to look, feel and live better.

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Dr. Z believes that first, you must recognize that betrayal is always a possibility. It is our responsibility to learn how to forgive, remember, and give people allowance to make mistakes. If you can release your betrayal and forgive, your pain will also vanish. However, forgiveness can take time and Dr. Z shares many ways in which you can get started on your healing journey today.

Learn which essential oil is the best for reducing anxiety and depression, how your breathing and posture can be a sign of stress, and the role smell can play in triggering repressed betrayal memories. As a bonus, learn some common physical responses to betrayal and why you should be creating a healthy air environment.

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In This Episode

  • The cumulative effect of betrayal and how it hinders our ability to deal with future events
  • Signs and symptoms of microtraumas and betrayals
  • Ways an emotional betrayal can manifest into a physical reaction
  • How a positive scent can heal and a negative scent can hurt
  • Learning how to trust again through the power of essential oils



“[People] are battling financial problems, they are battling marriage problems, relationship, work problems, and they don’t know why. They need to go from betrayal to breakthrough.” (2:54)

“When something happens to you, it really might be minor in the big scheme of things. But it seems huge because of all these little microtraumas and these micro betrayals that have come along the way. And what I want to do is help people just process betrayal, globally” (6:26)

“I’ve become in tune with my body enough to know when something is happening, that I try not to be a reservoir for negative energy.” (13:45)

“You gotta at least create a healthy air environment which gives your mind a chance to just be. And that’s the one thing people don’t recognize is when you smell something it stimulates an immediate reaction to your brain.” (20:22)

“We want people to be lead intuitively, we want to let our body tell us what it needs. And this is where we need to remember that normal, should be feeling good.” (26:16)



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