So many women are looking for a way to feel great about your body, confident about who you are and want to connect with your deepest purpose. Our guest today, Shanna Lee, helps women do exactly that through raising your frequency, finding your alignment and listening to your intuition.

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The Soul Frequency has helped countless women manage their emotions and get to the root causes to find true inner healing. By surrounding yourself with people who believe in you, accepting love throughout the process of transformation, and getting to know who you really are, you can start living your most authentic life. Shanna encourages a life of open communication, constant growth and willingness to learn.

When you live out of alignment from who you really are, it can feel like you are just unplugged. When you can move through your fear and doubt, and reconnect to who you really are, you can start to move forward in life again. Because when you are connected to who you really are, purpose just shows up.

Does your soul frequency need a tune up? Let us know what resonated with you about Shanna’s message in the comments.

In This Episode

  • The role fear can play in holistic health
  • How betrayal can help you be more present with things you could not see clearly before
  • The relationship between doubt and fear and how to manage them
  • Specific tools for communicating your process of discovery to others
  • Why you should be ultra careful about who you spend your time with


“We tend to build our life so that we don’t have to bump up against fear, because who wants to? Right? It’s not fun. We tend to, I call it ‘pretzel ourselves’, in all different ways, so that we just don’t even know that its there.” (5:46)

“Your body is a byproduct of what is going on emotionally and internally in your life. And when you can heal that and look at that and bring that up to the place of awareness, your body follows suit.” (7:45)

“When we can get to that level of programming and see the programming, really positive shifts, and change come from just the byproduct of seeing it for the first time. And then, we can have a choice with it. Because if we can’t see something consciously and acknowledge it, we can’t have much choice around it.” (12:05)

“There is an important time in healing and in growth if you go on a transformational journey, where you have to really figure out who you are. Separate from everybody else. And how you think and feel about things.” (17:57)

“As a society, for the most part of the collective conscious, we have kind of wiped that emotional part of us out or tried too. Except that it is part of who we are. And we can’t just ignore it forever or we will get physical manifestations in our body called illness or disease in one way or another” (28:39)


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