Femininity and intimacy are something that today’s guest, Jen Rozenbaum, knows all about. A boudoir photographer, educator, and recent breast cancer survivor, Jen is an advocate for shedding both your inhibitions and your clothes.

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Everything from questioning your own femininity, embracing who you are and standing up for your relationship with your own body is on the table today. It doesn’t have to take a life crisis to take care of and celebrate yourself, and it is time to spread your power and beauty.

This is a real and open talk about finding unique beauty in unexpected places, recognizing your own power, and kicking cancers ass. If you have or are currently dealing with cancer in some aspect of your life, this episode is for you. How does Jen’s attitude of embracing femininity and understanding purpose through disease fit into your journey? Let us know in the comments.

In This Episode

  • The realities of what a cancer patient is actually thinking and how you can support them
  • What you can learn from being betrayed by your body
  • Fully understanding the fundamental aspects of self-love
  • Knowing what you want and having the courage to ask for it
  • Listening to the universe and trusting your gut above all else


“I have this belief that if you shed your clothes you shed your inhibitions, and the true you really comes to the surface. So that’s really what I’ve dedicated myself to, every woman has a story, I just take a picture of it.” (2:31)

“As much as I am helping other women and kicking their butts, they are also helping heal me and kick my butt into, you know, living the most full life I can live.” (4:09)

“Really being in tune with what makes you happy, what you want in life, what you will tolerate and boundaries, and when you stand up for those things, the love for yourself grows exponentially. And you become powerful enough to then go after what you want to do in your life.” (13:51)

“It is still a process, and I think that it is very difficult for women to be honest with each other about those processes that we are going through throughout life, and I would love to see more of that honesty and connection.” (20:23)

“I also try to stand in the moment and say I need to deal with this now, I need to feel the pain and the agony and the sadness because if I don’t it will come back to get me at some point. And I am not ready to sacrifice any more time of my life for that.” (27:59)


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