Allana Pratt is an intimacy expert who has helped over 4 million people live open-hearted unapologetic lives through her YouTube channel and coaching. A passionate and inspiring leader, Allana is sharing her theories on strength and vulnerability, and giving yourself permission to feel your deepest emotions so that they can help you heal.

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As women, we often stay in our heads too much, which can lead to jealousy, envy, and going into a situation already picturing the worst case scenario. By processing the pain into a gift, you can see how much you have grown from your challenges, and find equal value in pain and pleasure. When you accomplish this, you are able to live your life in the present and follow your intuitive nature.

Learn about Mel Robbin’s 5 Second Rule, how to navigate intense emotions, and why you need to go inside to love and accept all parts of yourself equally. For those of us who just don’t feel like we have permission to relax into our own worth, base our lives around our accomplishments, Allana is here to give you the breathing space and insight to be as beautiful and resilient as you truly can be.

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In This Episode

  • How to see the silver linings in the lessons of betrayal
  • The difference between worth and accomplishments
  • Having your own back and a relationship with yourself
  • One of the biggest blocks to being successful and finding an ideal mate
  • Ways to bring up issues in a relationship in a non-confrontational way


“We do shut our heart. And that’s just beautiful, healthy, we are loving ourselves, we are protecting ourselves. But in so doing, we are cutting ourselves off from our own intuition, our instincts. Were cutting ourselves off from the flow of life” (2:24)

“Life is not about doing it right, looking good and being happy all the time! Life is about experience. And whether it is through the path of pain, or through the path of bliss, if we keep our heart open, if we open in vulnerability, we return to the same place, love.” (5:22)

“Of course we have a preference, of course, we’d like to get the job or like the date to go well. But we don’t need it to go well in order to be good enough because we have already done all that inner work inside.” (11:47)

“We all are the same dark and light. We are all everything. So that essence is within you. Say thank you, sister! And go home, put on a song, and start to dance, let that awaken within you. (25:42)

“You don’t need to accomplish more in order to rest into your worth. Be willing to take those two or three steps inward to really process all the crap you have been through into these beautiful gems, that within you will awaken your true genius, your true essence, your authenticity.” (31:33)


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