December 31



After a betrayal in her own life lead her to find her passion, Dr. Melissa Kalt decided to leave her practice as a physician and strike out on her own to spread her knowledge about the power of integrated medicine.

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Today Melissa is sharing some amazing lessons in staying in integrity and honoring your truth in order to be true to who you are. Learn about everything from colorpuncture to EMDR and how you can free yourself of your physical and mental symptoms. Melissa is sharing how she first noticed her ‘calm before the storm’ theory, and why you should embrace the death of your old self in order for a new you to emerge, plus so much more.

Melissa was able to take her trauma on a journey of exploring alternative medicine, transformative coaching and acknowledging betrayal to lead to the beautiful place she is in now. If you are ready to put your trauma behind you and begin to heal, this episode is for you.

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In This Episode

  • How to rebuild your life and find motivation in trauma
  • Adrenal fatigue, dysfunction and why holistic medicine can help
  • What is colorpuncture and how it can relieve everything from anxiety to a cold
  • Relieving physical symptoms of stress by healing your emotional wounds
  • Making the choice between staying in a victim mindset or choosing empowerment


“I think that it is really important to bring awareness when we are [acting like the calm before the storm] because that’s the first key point where we have an opportunity to change the course of sort of how things play out.” (3:05)

“I was so amazed by this seven-year-old girl standing in my bedroom, who was willing to stand in her truth, she was amazing. She was like my hero, my role model. Because she was better at it at seven than I was at forty.” (7:10)

“I had really established this pattern of ignoring myself, ignoring my body. But when I started doing these treatments, it was a really great way for me to attune to my body, what am I feeling right now?” (16:31)

“The breakdown, whether that’s from betrayal or otherwise, is necessary for a breakthrough. And I think often times it brings us closer to our ‘why’, our calling, our destiny, what we are supposed to be here doing.” (23:08)

“Taking some time to really be clear and settle into their own body, and really asking what it is they need, gives them a great space to then reach out for support” (26:02)


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