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Betrayal can manifest itself through physical, mental, and emotional symptoms. When these symptoms manifest, it can feel like a dark cloud of negative emotion is hovering over you. One of the many ways to release negative feelings and lift your spirits is by incorporating essential oils into your daily life. Just ask Jodi Cohen. 

In this episode, Jodi shares the many uses and benefits of essential oils. She also delves into how this practice changed her life—from reducing her anxieties and finding relief from her physical ailments to rediscovering her passion for running and, finally, becoming more productive.

About Guest/Topic

Jodi Cohen is a bestselling author, an award-winning journalist, and the founder of Vibrant Blue Oils, an online resource for essential oils frequented by over 500,000 people yearly.

Jodi managed to recover from her anxiety, insomnia, and autoimmune condition with the help of essential oils. Now, she’s helping thousands of people rebalance their health through her proprietary blends of organic and wild-crafted essential oils.

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In This Episode

  • Who is Jodi Cohen? [0:12]
  • Understand what goes in the body when we are stressed [2:22]
  • Realize how breathing can make a difference in our well-being [9:39]
  • Determine effective ways to assimilate oils into the brain [12:40]
  • Find out the importance of using pure essential oils [19:03]
  • Discover what symptoms cleared up for Jodi by using essential oils [20:49]
  • Learn about muscle testing [25:03]
  • …and many more


“When we are in a situation with betrayal or something going on that is triggering that danger response in our body, and so it shifts us physiologically into that sympathetic fight or flight state where you feel like you have limited options, your back is against the wall.” [5:36]

“I got five oils which was confusing cause normally I’ll get like one or two and then it occurred to me that I can combine them and so I took each bottle and kinda muscle tested. Okay, 6 drops of this, 5 drops of this, and I put them together, and I put them in my lower back and my first thought was I can go running.” [23:43]

 “We know that our body is communicating with us, but sometimes we just forget to listen to it. So, there is a way of asking your body often yes-no questions so you can get more clarity about what is kinda the primary issue.” [25:34]

 “The greatest gift I gave myself was just because I don’t understand something doesn’t mean it is not true, and it always left me with curiosity.” [29:44]

“You can shift gears and you can make that so much easier for yourself. And by doing deep breathing, by trying to go to gratitude which sends different, you know, chemical signals in your body, by using essential oils, there are a lot of ways that you can shift gears and it’s a really good first step.” [30:31]


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