Judith M. Costa teaches people how to love unconditionally. She holds an MBA and a master’s degree in psychology and psychotherapy and is certified in a wide range of therapeutic methods. She has hosted workshops, retreats, and talks all over the world to help people overcome their inner obstacles to loving.

About Guest/Topic

With experience in techniques ranging from astrology to Akashic records to the Hawaiian approach to reconciliation called Ho’oponopono, Judith is no stranger to the many factors that keep people from forgiving others and, more importantly, themselves.

In today’s episode, she talks about the importance of looking inward and freeing ourselves from the idea that we are complicit in our own suffering or worse–that we need to suffer to earn someone’s love.

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In This Episode

  • What happens during a consultation of the Akashic records? 
  • How does Ho’oponopono work?
  • How does introspection lead to self-love?
  • How do self-love and relationships affect one another?


“We think that we need the other person in order to forgive, that we need an apology or that the person has to change their behavior. Everything starts within us. We are the only ones that need to do our part of the job.” [18:49]

“A lot of us are unaware of the way we treat ourselves. We are not even conscious of this inner dialog where we constantly criticize ourselves, judge ourselves, put ourselves down, beat ourselves up for any mistake.”  [22:37]

“For a lot of us, the opinions that everyone else has about our lives are more important than our own opinion. And this is because we have been afraid of looking inside, not knowing what we are going to discover. And what you need to love someone is to know that person.” [23:59]

“I believe that a relationship is when two mature individuals share the love that they already have from themselves.” [26:26]


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