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Lola Scarborough is a 500-hour certified yoga teacher and a co-owner of Yoga Lola Studios. She’s also a certified life coach, an herbalist, a level three Reiki master, a novice astrologer, an ayurvedic consultant, and a certified ayurvedic practitioner.

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Lola has witnessed what yoga, energy bodywork, and nutrition can do to maximize and restore health, allowing people to live their lives fully and richly. She’s currently pursuing her Ph.D. in comparative religion.

In today’s episode, Lola talks about using your trauma to find meaning in life and finding strategies to help you heal.

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In This Episode

  • Discover why it’s important to decide not to become a victim
  • Know how spirituality can be a big piece in your healing
  • Learn what you can use from your trauma to serve and help other people


“You always have the breakdown before you have the breakthrough.” [15:41]

“I was blessed with experiences that were very painful and had a huge impact on my psyche and in the formation of who I was because that’s what I came here to do. And without it, I couldn’t possibly do the things that I do now. I would not be as rich. I would not have the depth of character that I have. My big humanitarian instincts are shaped by the deprivation that we went through.” [23:11]

“If life is always lived in a comfort zone, if you don’t get out and play in the playing field and get knocked around a little bit, I honestly believe you are only one-fourth alive and you’re one-tenth of your potential. You have to take those challenges. You have to go to your knees. You have to feel your heart being broken and ripped out. You have to be open to having the experience of being fully human in order to be fully human.” [29:14]

“Living life to its fullest requires risk.” [29:51]


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