Like betrayal, divorce can be a harrowing experience. It can cause emotional distress to victims and leave them feeling unworthy of love. Karen Millon knows this all too well, having gone through a divorce herself.

In this new and inspiring episode of From Betrayal To Breakthrough, Karen shares how Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) treatment has helped her deal with her trauma and a deep-rooted need to feel loved. 

About Guest/Topic

Karen Million is a successful entrepreneur with over 22 years of business experience. When her marriage of 13 years ended, she focused on grieving and healing.

Karen underwent EMDR Treatment and she is on a mission to help others recover just like she did. She is the author of “An Amazing Divorce: What you can do for yourself, for each other and for the Children.”

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In This Episode

  • Who is Karen Millon? [0:12]
  • Learn about the turning point in Karen’s life that made her decide to end her unhappy marriage [3:04]
  • Understand Karen’s healing and grieving process [6:00]
  • Find out all about Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) treatment [12:35]
  • Understand the different types of trauma [13:16]
  • …and many more.


“When we lose someone, we go through the mourning period—the shiva. Whatever we go through, you honor the grieving process. You dress like you’re sad. You cry your eyes out.” [7:01]

“It’s really worth it. I mean, it’s short-term pain for long-term gain. It starts for 4 hours, you’re going through and revisiting that terrible memory or that deep sadness that you felt. But the glory and the healing and the feeling that you are worthy, the feeling that you are loveable, the things that you can do after is worth every penny and it’s worth every tear and every heartache.” [27:00]

“This is not about blaming our parents or blaming our caregivers. You know, I truly believe that people do their best as bad as it could be, just given their situation. It’s about taking ownership of you, of who you want to be, of how you want to live the rest of your life.” [28:16]

“By having bilateral stimulation, so either you tap your shoulders—they do it online now with Zoom—back and forth or there are machines they tap you in your legs back and forth, or a therapist might go like that to you, or you’re writing in your journal. Somehow, that stimulation allows you to access that emotional part of your brain.” [17:27]


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