When healing from a betrayal there are endless ways that you can help yourself, including cleansing the spaces you spend time in. From your home to your work, Feng shui could be the answer to getting rid of past negative traumas and embracing a new version of yourself. Kim Julen is a Feng shui expert, psychic, angel card reader and love activist who helps others find harmony in their head, heart, and home. 

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Creating a healing space in your home or office can work wonders for your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. Kim is here to teach us about the process of Feng shui, which areas of your home can be affected by different types of conflict or betrayal, and how to create an environment that energetically supports what you want to have in your life. 

If your space feels like it is keeping you down, it is time to cleanse and neutralize your environment to get rid of the past betrayal and find peace. When you can utilize Feng shui to harmonize your workspace, home life and most importantly, your life, you can create a space that reflects the life you deserve. 

Which Feng shui tip are you most excited to implement in your space? Share how you are working to cleanse your environment in the comments below! 

In This Episode

  • Understanding the different types of feng shui and the role it plays in your happiness
  • Tips to make your home or workspace energetically full of protection and confidence
  • How to balance out the control in your house with your children or spouse
  • The 5 elements of Feng shui and how to harness them to balance your environment
  • Learn a Hawaiian prayer to facilitate forgiveness and why you should say ‘I love you’


“Doors are the voices of the adults. And if you have doors that are squeaking, get some WD-40 out and oil them because that will help calm down the complaining.” (24:35)

“I love you, I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you. And you will see it in different ways, I like to have the I love you first. Because on a soul level, we all really do all love each other.” (26:56)

“Really truly, forgiveness is really about loving yourself. It really isn’t about loving the other person, but whenever that thought or that person comes into your mind if you are saying ‘I love you’, that’s expressing love to yourself.” (28:38)

“If there is chaos going on in your life, most likely there is chaos going on in your space as well.” (29:22)


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