So often we think people who are happy have had easy lives, and Shari Alyse is living proof that despite hardships you can still become a joy magnet. Co-founder of The Wellness Universe, Soul Ventures and an internationally recognized speaker, truth coach, author and blogger, Shari radiates joy and dedicates her life to spreading the message of finding the love that exists within. 

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After sexual molestation at age seven, resulting in her testifying on the stand and eventually sentencing her abuser to prison, Shari had no idea that her trauma was still following her years later. It wasn’t until a life-changing trip that she realized the joy she had been searching for all along was inside of each and every human being. Now Shari is passionate about reigniting the light in everyone and bringing joy back to people’s lives after they feel like they lost it for good. 

Joy is at the heart of who we all are as people, it is your choice to tap into it and share your gift with the world. Even when something rocks your world, if you are able to stand up for yourself and fight for your inner power, you too can find never-ending joy. 

In what ways does Shari inspire you to bring more joy into your life? Share with us in the comments below. 

In This Episode

  • How to find a home within yourself and show up as you are
  • Reminders and tips to help you move through difficult situations 
  • Ways to find joy when you feel as though all hope is lost
  • What to do when you are having a down moment and how to pick yourself back up
  • Releasing the need for perfection and being okay with whatever shows up


“You can make a difference every single day in everything you do with the small things.” (8:51)

“What I was told during this time was that I was brave and courageous and strong and I saved all these girls, but I didn’t feel brave and courageous and strong, I felt like a girl that had been hurt and didn’t understand why this had happened to her.” (13:37)

“This is about you knowing that nothing on the outside matters. It doesn’t matter what your financial status is, and it doesn’t matter what things you have or what your relationship is, joy is something that we all just have and its whether we choose to tap into it or not.” (16:55)

“I am doing people a disservice when I do not share with people my truth. And my truth is that I do struggle, and that I do have challenges, but I have learned the tools and how to navigate it, to help myself not sit in that space for long.” (22:33)

“I know this sucks, I know that it’s hard, but I also know that because of who we are and what we were built to be, that we are and you are okay.” (29:32)


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