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Lori Anne De Iulio Casdia is a beloved member of the Fab 14, mom of two, and founder of LDC Strategies, a marketing and PR firm specializing in strategic planning. After a betrayal shattered her world Lori Anne joined my Ph.D. study and became an inspirational member of our community. Since joining the program Lori Anne has rebuilt all aspects of herself that were demolished by her betrayal and is here today to inspire you with her post-betrayal transformation.

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When trust is shattered it can be hard to trust someone again, but making that leap is the only way to heal. It is up to us to rediscover the fire within ourselves and the intuition that we have had all along. While it may seem difficult to accept now, there is a reason for your circumstance, and when we can find the lesson you are supposed to learn, healing can begin.

Lori Anne advocates for you to open yourself up to listening to what the Universe is trying to tell you. It can be scary to reject the negativity of your old life, but with small steps every day you can take control of your responsibilities and actions to rebuild into something bigger and better.

This is an example of post-betrayal transformation at its very best. Strength, resiliency and true happiness from within is on display today as Lori Anne shares her inspiring words and tools to help you take charge of your own destiny.

Are you ready to stop watching the Discovery channel and become the Discovery channel of your own future? Share what about Lori Anne you resonated most within the comments below.

In This Episode

  • How to have faith in your foundation’s ability to handle life’s challenges
  • Using the opportunity of betrayal to rebuild into something magnificent
  • The importance of finding a group to support your betrayal recovery
  • Embracing spiritualism as a way to ground and have faith in yourself
  • Ways to look for the sparks of what the Universe is trying to tell you


“There is clearly a lesson to be learned and it’s there for your own growth.” (11:13)

“Spiritualism to me is the foundation to healing. Whatever that means to you, but that spiritualism, that connection with the Earth, that connection with your God, with the Universe, is a foundation that gives us all the answers, it really does. And that answer is within us.” (18:11)

“I had an opportunity to sit there and wallow, and that was an okay choice for me to do or make it bigger and better. And I chose to make it bigger and better.” (24:05)

“When I was in this relationship, I was sleepwalking, and the Universe was trying to rattle me. And I kept getting messages and the messages started to get stronger and stronger to the point where it had to implode because I wasn’t paying attention.” (30:02)


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