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Lynne Ryan is a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Health Coach, and PBT Coach who has made it her life’s purpose to help others recover from the same path of self-betrayal she was in. 

Lynne suffered from clinical depression, weight gain, and a medical condition that led her to completely abandon herself at a certain point in her life. Luckily, she woke up one day deciding it was time to stop and get better. After achieving success on her journey to finding self-love and recovery, she now works to guide and support other women who wish to do the same. 

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Lynne Ryan always had a sweet tooth growing up, but this has never posed a problem for her because of her active lifestyle. Unfortunately, things started going south when she discovered that she was suffering from hypothyroidism, a condition that affects the body’s metabolism. This affected her health and ultimately slowed down her metabolism. 

After getting married and having kids, Lynne found herself giving in to a lot of external stressors. Slowly, her weight started to sneak up on her. She was 70lbs overweight before she finally decided it was time to stop and look at the betrayer in the mirror. 

In this episode, find out how Lynne was able to overcome her struggles by learning to love herself and understanding how gratefulness leads to healing.

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In This Episode

  • Learn how to keep yourself from falling into a spiral of negativity
  • Discover how losing weight can start from loving yourself
  • Listen to how Lynne was able to turn her life around through the love and support of her family


“Before you know you’re an empath, you think you’re crazy. Why am I so sensitive? What’s wrong with me?” [04:35] 

“But I think I had chosen to abandon myself. I was trying to cope. It was all I could do. I needed to play small. I needed to kind of be invisible. I needed to not rock the boat with my marriage. I needed to just survive.” [08:48]

“Staying in the exact moment, I could not think further. All I’m going to do is make the next best choice.” [14:52]

“I started running a gratitude list. I started playing a game with my kids too about ‘What are the 10 things you love about yourself?’” [16:18]

“What a bridge is is nothing more than a believable statement that you can say until you start believing that.” [18:23]

“I’m grateful for my learnings.” [19:36]

“You can always start easy. I’m grateful for my children. I’m grateful for the opportunity to love them. I’m grateful to be loved.” [19:48]

“Everything I did, I did with the intention of caring for myself.” [20:25]

“When we abandon ourselves, in some way, we’ll always betray ourselves.” [27:16]

“Willingness is the word. If we are unwilling, we go nowhere. And if we have that willingness, it’s as if we’re ungluing ourselves to everything we believe, to everything we thought we had to be stuck to and we’re able to move forward a little bit.” [29:25]


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