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When you have experienced a stressful event in your life, it is easy to get stuck in your worries or fears. Madhur-Nain Websters believes that you don’t have to live this way. 

Madhur-Nain has discovered the benefits of Kundalini Yoga in calming the nervous system and retraining the “monkey mind.” Now, she helps others use this technique to move forward with their lives and achieve self-healing.

In this insightful episode of From Betrayal to Breakthrough, she discusses how meditative tools can free people from their negative thought loop and help them release their pain and attachments.

About Guest/Topic

Madhur-Nain Websters’ life has been balanced by the traditions and practices of Kundalini Yoga. She has a deep love of humanity and a fascination with the human mind and human behaviors, which led her to her current career path where she uses psychology and meditation to enrich the lives of others. She received her Master’s Degree from the University of Oregon and moved to California, where she became a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She currently runs a therapy practice in Napa, California.

Her belief in the positive influence of meditation on a person’s psyche and well-being plays a major role in her approach to therapy, and also inspired her first book, The Stressless Brain. One of her goals is to bring meditation and chanting—some of the basic tenets of Kundalini Yoga—into the mainstream. As a result, she has created over 45 singles and has produced 4 CDs.

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In This Episode

  • Who is Madhur-Nain Webster? [0:11]
  • How is the body impacted by stress and anxiety? [2:12]
  • What happens when stress is ignited and anxiety is keeping it going? [4:19]
  • How can yoga help with stress and anxiety? [8:25]
  • What is Kundalini Yoga? [22:00]
  • …and many more


“Words are seeds and they can plant, and become weeds and they can, you know, take over our mind and we can loop in this reoccurring worrying thoughts, or they just decompose…and that’s where we can get stuck, when we start looping.” [08:01]

“So, yoga is a meditation for your body…when you’re doing breathwork and movement and you’re holding a posture and you’re bringing that focus of flow into your body, you’re able to shift energy.” [8:49]

“Each yoga class is a little bit like a therapy but you’re not talking with other people…it allows people to be on a journey of self-discovery and more awareness. When we are more aware, then, we can say, “Oh, wow! Look at how I behaved here, and how can I change that?” [9:25]

“Quantum physics science says [sic] that, what we put out comes back to us tenfold. So when you bless your enemy when you bless those who’ve hurt us, which is easier said than done… it helps to heal you.” [17:08] 


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