When faced with a challenge, you can always find a way for it to lead to an amazing transformation, it is just about the direction you want to transform into. Today’s guest, Gurutej Khalsa, knows exactly that and is here to help us unwind the many layers of betrayal.

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Not only is Gurutej sharing some great tools on how to deal with betrayal, but she is also here to help you forgive yourself and start listening to what your heart is saying. Covering topics ranging from death and rebirth, magnetic fields and breathing techniques, we are providing you with a range of tools to help yourself move forward. With simple techniques on how to cleanse toxic people from your life and get over your betrayal, it is time to start trusting your intuition again and showing up for yourself.

Gurutej believes it is important to understand that life moves in cycles. When you are in the depths of the betrayal you feel like you are in a hole that you will never get out of. Nowadays you have the capacity to find the support and tools to realize you are not going to be in this place forever.

What tools have you used to help you move forward? Let us know in the comments below!

In This Episode

  • How to learn to hear and trust your inner voice
  • Taking your busy mind and quieting it
  • The importance of being able to stay quiet
  • ‘Energy stealers’ and how to avoid them
  • Building a habit of reclaiming your power


“What I define betrayal as is something we think should have, could have, you know would have happened, and it didn’t happen that way. Or something that was and all of a sudden it wasn’t anymore. And we feel like someone else did it to us on purpose.” (1:14)

“One of the hardest mantras I think anybody ever learns is its two things. One, don’t take it personally. And it’s not about you.” (3:39)

“We are so busy being busy that we lose the capacity to hear our subtle parts of our being.” (8:34)

“Betrayal usually feels like a death sentence of some kind. Something died, right? A trust died, a belief, whatever it was. So, it’s like how do you transform that death into something that is much more vibrant and alive and helpful” (16:10)

“If we just tell you something and you get inspired, in a couple of days the inspiration has worn off, maybe a week. But if you have tools and you use them then that’s the best, you get your own experience.” (23:25)


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