After working as an ER doctor specializing in surgery for over 10 years while attending acupuncture school, Dr. Shiroko Sokitch found that her calling was leading her into the spiritual and emotional healing of Chinese medicine. She opened Heart to Heart Medical Center as a way to bring the many modalities of Chinese and Western medical practices together to bring her clients back to balance and wholeness. Dr. Shiroko Sokitch is truly the doctor who cares about you and is here today to share her wisdom on whole body connectedness and how to bring hope and healing to difficult health conditions.

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If you have ever been curious about how Chinese medicine works to connect your physical and emotional symptoms to find whole body healing or enjoy hearing about the transformative power of love, Dr. Shiroko is the woman for you. Find out how betrayal can impact your gut and create lasting health issues, why you need to be taking care of your triangle of wellness, and the truths behind Dr. Shiroko’s 7 Keys to Defying the Odds.

By viewing your body as an interconnected roadmap, and targeting the root cause of your physical health issues, you can unlock the deep emotional scars that may be playing a role in your symptoms. If you can accept our innate human need to love and learn to give love in return you can begin to receive the healing benefits and balance the rest of your life accordingly. Dr. Shiroko is here to help you realize the connection between the mind and body, and your ability for greater healing.

Have you experienced physical ailments as a result of a betrayal? Share your story in the comments section below!

In This Episode

  • How and why our bodies can often mask anger as fatigue
  • What Chinese medicine can do to help us when you have been betrayed
  • Breaking down the process of moving past betrayal through physical treatment
  • Exploring the foundational role your hormones, immune, and nervous system play
  • How to search the internet to find answers for healing and hope


“Betrayal is a big deal. And there are many levels of betrayal. And on some level, when you have certain betrayals, you feel completely betrayed by life.” (7:50)

“Chinese medicine involves your emotion and your spirit and your physical body. And so that is all incorporated into an acupuncture treatment, it helps shift the energy.” (14:23)

“For me, it’s about love, like the number one thing is love. And what saved me when I was in that darkest moment was the love of the people in my life.” (18:07)

“The Chinese medicine idea of Chi, I call it love. The energy that holds our cells together, the energy that runs our lives, its love.” (20:21)

“Everything happens for a reason, and when something horrible happens it is really hard to believe that there is a reason. And sometimes you can’t see it until the end until you have gotten all the way through it.” (27:02)


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