Sandra Cooze, like many other women, was a victim of child molestation and sexual assault. For many years, she suffered the emotional, psychological, and social turmoil of growing up as a victim without the right support that she needed from her family.

After finally finding a way to completely heal from her old wounds, Sandra made it her mission to help others rise above their own trauma and live their lives free of anger, fear, and distress. Drawing from her personal experiences and her expertise as a holistic trauma coach, TIR facilitator, and spiritual development coach, Sandra discusses how it’s possible for others to let go and start living a happy, carefree life.

About Guest/Topic

Sandra was only 12 when she was molested by a stable master who worked for her family. She was sexually assaulted again when she was 14, and then again when she was 18. When she was 22, the unthinkable happened–Sandra was raped.  

Throughout all that pain and misery, Sandra never got the support she truly needed. It pushed her to the brink, and she allowed her depression to swallow her whole.  It took one person to tell her “Get a quartz crystal” for her to start her journey of spirituality. 

In this episode, Sandra talks about how she was able to rise above her own difficult trauma. She teaches the way not just to cope, but to truly let go.

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In This Episode

  • Explore the causes and effects of sexual trauma
  • Discover how spirituality can create positive energy in you
  • Answer doubts and explore the search for the right spiritual path 
  • Learn somatic practices that you can do to release your own trauma
  • An introduction to the benefits of reiki energy healing 


“An experience without the pain is wisdom.” (4:06)

“I felt like men can do whatever they wanted without consequence.” (9:07) 

“If you’re willing to just explore some ideas, to explore spirituality which has such a huge place in healing and if you’re open, you really will be guided.” (14:09)

“The more I learn, the more I understood what it really is. Because it’s more than just a healing modality, it’s the beginning of a spiritual journey.” (14:59)

“When a trigger comes out, embrace it because the trigger is basically a nudge from your whole system saying that this is something that needs to be addressed” (18:10)

“I’m not allowing it to take me over but I’m analyzing it. I’m dissociating from it.” (19:30)


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