January 3

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Flooding ourselves with antioxidants is a powerful way to boost the immune system. Stress has such a negative impact on our health so here’s a simple way to improve how we feel as we move forward-physically, mentally and emotionally from betrayal.

Why? Because healing from betrayal and the shattering of trust doesn’t just happen on one level. Healing happens physically, mentally and emotionally. When trust has been shattered, it can feel like everything is spinning out of control. What we eat and how we move may feel like the only things we have control over so that’s a great place to start. Grab the reins on your health and join me as we ADD healthy and delicious smoothies to our day for 21 days.

It’s simple. All you’re doing is swapping out 1 meal for one of our smoothies.

Today, I’m having Berry Boost! Get your shake mix and recipe book today and join us.

Berry Boost

1 scoop vanilla shake mix (Lean and Healthy Vanilla)
1 cup milk of choice (unsweetened almond milk)
1 frozen banana
1/2 cup raspberries
1/2 cup of strawberries (I used frozen which replaces ice)
1 tablespoon honey (I used 1/4 teaspoon because I prefer less sweetness)
1 tablespoon cacao
1 tablespoon flax seeds

Want 24 healthy and delicious smoothie recipes? Get them here!

Let’s do this…together.

Dr. Debi, Founder and CEO, The PBT (Post Betrayal Transformation) Institute

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Dr. Debi

A Trusted Resource in an Untrusting Niche

Dr. Debi Silber, founder of The PBT (Post Betrayal Transformation) Institute https://thepbtinstitute.com is an award-winning speaker, bestselling author, holistic psychologist, a health, mindset and personal development expert who’s created a proven multi-pronged approach to help people heal (physically, mentally and emotionally) from the trauma of betrayal.

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