Dr. Doni Wilson’s clients report peak energy, restful sleep, optimal weight and memory, enhanced fertility, and an overall sensation of feeling younger. It may shock you, but all of these results are achieved through the management of chronic stress. A celebrated naturopathic doctor, certified midwife, and nutrition specialist, Dr. Doni helps high performers understand their genetic tendencies to recover from stress exposure and cure the physical ailments associated with stress.

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The stress you feel on a daily basis impacts every system and organ in your body, and every issue can cause a ripple effect until your stress compiles into physical symptoms. On this episode, Dr. Doni explains exactly how stress impacts your adrenal glands and telomeres, ways your physical inflammation is affecting your anxiety, depression, and sleep and how to find a middle ground with stress where you can outsmart it and recover from it.

When it comes to your health, you cant guess based on the symptoms, you need to find out what is going on so you can see your levels improve and start feeling better. Instead of ignoring your stress and having it potentially develop into something worse, learn how to understand it so that you can go from stress mode to stress recovery.

Dr. Doni establishes steps to take to identify what is needed for you to correct your imbalances and feel better, how to know if unmanaged stress is creating the physical symptoms you have, examples of nutrients you can use to calm your cortisol and balance your hormones, and so much more on this information packed episode.

Have you ever connected the dots between your stress and your physical symptoms? Share how Dr. Doni opened your eyes in the comments below!

In This Episode

  • Identifying indicators in your body that are triggered to stress affecting you physically
  • Ways to raise your cortisol in the morning, lower it at night, and balance your hormones
  • How to get your four systems working for you again and gain stress resilience
  • Helping your body get out of stress mode with nutrients, herbs and hormonal restoring
  • Looking at your genetics to find the best way to help your body respond to stress


“We can find this middle place with stress where we are actually outsmarting it and were recovering from it and we are staying healthy even though stress is there.” (3:01)

“The good news is, we can reverse and recover from stress.” (11:54)

“We want you to feel better faster and effectively, and so instead of guessing its much better to test.” (16:54)

“It may start as a digestive issue, the next thing you know you are feeling anxious and you can’t sleep, and it feels like its more and more different things going on. But I would say it is one thing, its the effects of stress just compiling in a vicious cycle.” (23:09)

“Instead of just allowing this to happen, you start to realize, hey I have a say here, I can start to make choices that are going to help my body get back to balance.” (27:35)


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