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Stuck in divorce drama, trauma or chaos? Susan Guthrie and Rebecca Zung join me today to share how you can step into your life of freedom, possibility, prosperity, and purpose. Cofounders of Breaking Free Mediation, nationally recognized family lawyers, and divorce champions in their own regard, Susan and Rebecca are experts in all things divorce. Together they are revolutionizing the conversation around divorce through the use of mindfulness practices to help divorcing couples separate peacefully.

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The decisions you make during this chaotic time will affect all the things that mean the most to you going forward, and Susan and Rebecca are here to provide helpful ways that you can mediate your divorce and find a relationship that is serving you instead. Learn the physical and emotional chaos that can be created by divorce, how to gain clarity during divorce limbo, and why you need to perceiver through the confusion to find your calm.

Instead of focusing on the injustice of your divorce betrayal, Susan and Rebecca are providing tools to help you focus on the power and freedom of the future that you now have. Susan, Rebecca and I are real-life examples of this transition in life and the ability to come out of the other side having learned how to survive and thrive.

Are you struggling with getting through the rough waters of divorce, or have you come out of the other side of divorce a changed person? Share your story with us in the comments below.

In This Episode

  • Integrating mindfulness into the divorce process to make rational decisions
  • Signs that your marriage might be in trouble and the three deadly sins of divorce
  • Getting information and arming yourself with the knowledge to combat divorce limbo
  • Examples of divorce betrayal and the possibility of transformative inspiration
  • Ways to help your children deal with divorce betrayal at any age and find healing


“It all comes down to, in the end, lying, or the not telling the truth, and it is sort of the death by a million cuts I always think.” (5:31) – Susan

“It just started occurring to me in my practice that there were, what I call the 3 deadly sins of marriage. Which I call the 3 A’s, abuse, addiction, and adultery.” (8:04) – Rebecca

“We know what it is like to be in a relationship that doesn’t empower, but it doesn’t mean that there is no hope of ever being in a relationship that empowers, it is definitely possible.” (13:41) – Rebecca

“The mindfulness aspect helps them to both manage the current emotions that are all negative but also set an intention and visualize where you are going to go.” (17:01) – Susan

“Yes you are going to go through this divorce limbo, you are going to sail the rough seas, but that’s really what the best you ever retreat is about. It’s also the door to an opportunity to create that new future.” (21:32) – Susan

“If you are just sitting there spinning around in that morass of emotions of, I don’t want this, this shouldn’t be happening to me, it’s not fair, we hear all of those things. And that is the space that it is really important to help our clients get beyond.” (26:10) – Rebecca


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