People with trust and betrayal issues often struggle with intimacy problems, which can lead to divorce, separation, or loneliness. Luckily, Susan Bratton is here to teach us how we can heal and reignite our sexual passion.

In this episode of From Betrayal to Breakthrough, Susan shares her Magic Pill Method that can help partners remove the roadblocks that prevent us from achieving a healthy and satisfying relationship. 

About Guest/Topic

Susan Bratton is an intimacy expert and advocate for those who desire passionate relationships. She is the CEO and co-founder of The 20, a manufacturing company focusing on sexual health supplements, and Personal Life Media, Inc.

A prolific author, Susan has written 34 books and created several programs that have helped countless people find answers to their intimacy problems. She has been featured in the New York Times and frequently lends her expertise to national television shows.

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In This Episode

  • Who is Susan Bratton? [0:10]
  • How do trust issues and betrayal affect sexuality and intimacy? [2:45]
  • How did you solve the problem of betrayal affecting intimacy? [7:22]
  • What is the Magic Pill Method? [9:37]
  • How much of the pain [during sexual intercourse] has to do with mindset and trauma and conditioning from past stuff that hasn’t been cleared up? [16:47]
  • What can you do to move past shame and feeling uncomfortable so you can find solutions? [18:43]
  • What is G-Spot healing? [28:55]
  • …and many more


“Our sexual growth and personal growth are two sides of the same coin. As we age, as we mature, we can get better in bed and have more fulfilling intimacy and heart connection than we did when we are young. We are an ever-expanding possibility and it’s our choice to either contract or expand.”  [10:43] 

“If you are in a partnered relationship, fix the problem together. Because when you have the commitment, it’s not just okay your vagina is broken, go fix it…our vagina is broken.” [18:07]

“You’re actually the one who is better off than the person who traumatized you. When you begin to look at it that way, that yes, you were ruined by it, but…they’re the one who needs to feel sorry.” [27:03]

“One of the things that’s very important for people who have been sexuality traumatized or betrayed is that they need to have everything slowed down.” [34:53]

“You can get through it. That you can heal your trauma and you can come out the other side and remember your central self before trauma.” [39:18]


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