Betrayal can cloud our judgment and make us feel isolated and alone. It feels as though the world is crumbling away beneath our feet. 

You may think that there is no way out of this deep hole, but the truth is, there is so much you can do to get past this situation. 

How? You need to find a way to break away from multiple betrayals. Otherwise, you end up trapped in a vicious cycle.

Wendy Rose Williams, a past life adventure guide, is dedicated to helping people release energy that no longer serves them so they can live happier and healthier lives filled with purpose.

About Guest/Topic

Wendy Rose Williams experienced multiple betrayals in the past. After discovering her first boyfriend cheating on her with one of her closest relatives, she lost her confidence and self-worth. The double betrayal affected her deeply and left her devastated. 

While caught in a web of lies and deception, she made a resolute decision to leave her toxic relationship behind. This empowered her to love and understand herself better, set healthy boundaries, and enjoy life more deeply. 

In this episode, Wendy shares her life experiences with us so that we, too, can learn how to overcome multiple betrayals.

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In This Episode

  • Understand betrayal and its effects
  • Recognize when to establish healthy boundaries
  • Accept betrayals as lessons meant to be learned
  • Learn the 5 love languages by Gary Chapman
  • Discover why you are the only person who can complete yourself
  • Find out how love and relationships should be


“I just felt very alone. I felt ashamed. I felt embarrassed. I felt not enough. I felt crazy at times because I really knew that the affair was continuing yet they both were at the point of denying it.” [6:19]

“The physical symptoms (of betrayal) were just feeling a kick in the gut.” [7:26]

“I really feel it was meant to teach me to have much better boundaries and it took me a couple more relationships to learn that fully. But to put me first and to just really love and respect myself because that was not being exhibited by my behaviors staying in those relationships.” [13:31]

“I learned I cannot be in a relationship with someone where there is not excellent communication.” [16:58]

“If you’re gonna have that perfect storm, it’s the perfect place to get out of that victim or martyr or depressed place that we can get into. And just get out of that ‘why is this happening to me’ and shifting it to ‘why is this happening for me’.” [20:40]

“Jerry McGuire had it dead wrong. You do not complete me. There is no one that completes me.” [22:04]

“Do not give your heart away. Love yourself first. Take care of yourself first.” [32:28]

“I think we need to change our culture to learn that we’re meant to rise in love, not fall in love. Because there’s something about that concept of falling in love implies giving away your power. And I think that’s really the issue.” [36:49]


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