You cannot be derailed… only slowed down.

This was a message that hit me between the eyeballs.

I was under the impression that although we may want something, we can be taken off track by obstacles like time, circumstances, resources, etc. We face the challenge of how to get back on in order to move towards what we are divinely meant to do.

About Derailment

Here’s what I realized about derailment.

If we’re doing what we’re truly meant to do, nothing can derail us. However, plenty of things can slow us down. The good news is, there are lots of things we can do to control the speed.

So if what you’re working towards isn’t manifesting as quickly as you’d like, you’re not off track but quite possibly being slowed down by neglecting to pay attention to at least one of these 4 ideas. Are you being:

  • Congruent: We are congruent when what we say, think, feel and do are all a match. Our thoughts match our intentions, match out actions, match our beliefs, etc. We’re not saying one thing and doing another, everything matches and there’s complete congruency every step along the way.
  • Aligned: We are aligned when we let go of the resistance, roadblocks and disempowering beliefs. We become completely clear about what we want and where we’re headed. It’s like we’ve lost that fuzzy sound when we’re in between 2 radio stations. We’re on the 1 radio station we’ve chosen and it’s coming in loud and clear.
  • Single-Minded: We are single minded when we’re solely focused (and kind of obsessed) about what we’re working towards. We don’t deviate, get sidetracked, lose interest or lose focus. In fact, we’re pretty annoying to be around because at some point in the conversation, what we’re obsessed about will most likely come up.
  • Passionate: We are passionate about what we’re working towards achieving when it’s contagious. There’s a bold, enthusiastic and energetic energy around the way we’re sharing our message with others. Consider passion to be the fuel that drives the idea from concept to completion.

What is Slowing You Down?

Are one of these areas slowing you down? Which one and how can you change it? We’d love to know, comment and share!



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