July 18



In today’s episode, Dr. Aimie talks ALL about trauma in the body. How trauma feels, how to recognize it, triggers and how to handle it all. 

Dr. Aimie is a Double Board-Certified Medical Physician in both Preventive and Addiction Medicine and holds Double Masters Degrees in Biochemistry and in Public Health.  

She is the leading medical expert on addressing stored trauma in the body through her signature model and methodology, The Biology of Trauma: a new lens that courageously uplevels the old methods of trauma work and medicine by reverse-engineering trauma’s effects on the nervous system and body on a cellular level.  

Dr. Aimie specializes in trauma, attachment and addictions after having personal experience in foster parenting, adopting and then having her own health issues that were a result of childhood and life experiences.  

In addition to her medical studies that have included Functional Medicine Certification, she has sought out trauma therapy training since 2015. 

In This Episode 

  • Stress vs. trauma 
  • The issues are in the tissues 
  • Trauma is your biology not your psychology 
  • Your brains job is to make meaning out of an experience 


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About the author 

Dr. Debi

A Trusted Resource in an Untrusting Niche

Dr. Debi Silber, founder of The PBT (Post Betrayal Transformation) Institute https://thepbtinstitute.com is an award-winning speaker, bestselling author, holistic psychologist, a health, mindset and personal development expert who’s created a proven multi-pronged approach to help people heal (physically, mentally and emotionally) from the trauma of betrayal.

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