In today’s episode, Sarah talks about transcending trauma and building self-trust. Listen to learn how trauma can impact us and more importantly, how to heal it. 

Sarah Brassard is a teacher, author, trauma work, and life coach who melds wisdom traditions with deep knowledge of self-care practices, energy work, intuition, and spirituality to guide her audience to open up to new ways of responding to life.  
For 30+ years, Sarah has guided women from a place of struggle to one of grace, peace, and ease through her signature process of sacred self-care. 

As the author of Inside: A Guide to the Resources Within to Stay Connected to Your Truth, Even in Trying Times, Brassard details the self-care practices that sparked and sustained her own healing journey. 

This work inspired her to create The Tribe Inside, an online social community featuring video, audio, and workbook content for healing and growth at your own pace, and a group coaching program called Awaken The Healer Inside. She is also the host of annual online event the Trauma Recovery Summit. 

In This Episode 

  • Sarah’s betrayal of expectations 
  • Everything is holistic 
  • Steps to rebuild self-trust 
  • Feeling where stress lives in the body  


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