In today’s episode, Kari Coody talks about the top 5 free ways to heal and why they work – each one of them is accessible to everyone. Listen to learn and start implementing these 5 free ways to heal now.

Kari Coody is a Christian, wife, mom, Integrative Health Practitioner, Pharm D., and co-host of Take the Upgrade Podcast. Helping women prioritize their health is a real passion after seeing how broken the healthcare system is. She loves putting the pieces together and getting to the root cause of her clients’ issues and walking on their journey with them. Kari’s greatest role is being a wife to BJ and mom to Edy and Cooper.  



In This Episode 

  • Essential oils as a tool to heal 
  • Light breaks to reset your circadian rhythm 
  • How lack of sleep impacts us 


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