In today’s episode, Dr. Ellen talks about what self-compassion is, the benefits of it and how to strengthen your self-compassion muscle and put it to use. 

Dr. Ellen is a psychologist, a registered dietitian, national board-certified health and wellness coach, radio talk show host, reiki master, and mindful self-compassion teacher. Known as The Midlife Whisperer™, she helps women have the energy, confidence, and clarity they need to make their next chapter their best. 

A bestselling, award winning author, inspirational speaker, and expert on women’s well-being, Dr. Ellen has appeared on Extra, the Food Network and NBC World News and has been quoted in Psychology Today, Forbes, Eating Well and USA Today. She has written for SELF, Better Homes & Gardens and Good Housekeeping. Her latest book is Rock Your Midlife: 7 Steps to Transform Yourself and Make Your Next Chapter Your Best Chapter! 

In This Episode 

  • Grow your self-compassion muscle 
  • Self-criticism undermines motivation 
  • Naming emotions 


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