Using logic for healing betrayal can be a common approach for many individuals who have experienced betrayal. Logic is often seen as a tool that can help us make sense of situations, find solutions, and understand the reasons behind certain actions. However, when it comes to healing from betrayal, using logic may not be the most effective tool.

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Just like trying to do a home improvement project with only a hammer, healing from betrayal requires a variety of tools. Logic alone won’t help you fully heal. To truly heal, we need to bypass the logical, rational mind and tap into what’s underneath. It’s about accessing our emotions and deeper inner wisdom.

Moreover, to break free from the chains of resentment and pain, we need to ask ourselves important questions about our current situation and the potential for change. By telling ourselves the truth, we can begin the journey towards transformation.

If you’ve been feeling stuck and logical reasoning hasn’t been helping, this episode is for you! Discover the power of bypassing the rational mind and uncover what’s truly underneath to aid in your healing process. Don’t miss out on this empowering episode that will guide you towards a breakthrough.


Key Takeaways:

[00:00:39] Using the wrong tool for healing. 

[00:01:30] Using logic is not helpful in healing from betrayal.

[00:04:29] Numbing, avoiding, and distracting. 

[00:05:07] Ask yourself honest questions.

[00:06:59] Healing and happiness.


Memorable Quotes

“Being logical will keep you stuck when it comes to healing from betrayal. It is the wrong tool for the job. Healing from betrayal has very little to do with logic because think about it, you’re trying to make sense of the senseless, right?” – Dr. Debi Silber


“You owe it to yourself to do something really good with something really painful.” – Dr. Debi Silber


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