December 16



In today’s episode of A Dose of Dr. Debi, Dr. Debi celebrates reaching over one million people with her TedX talk. What does this mean? It means that over one million people are healing and transforming after a betrayal. Let’s keep the breakthrough going! 

In This Episode 

  • 1 million people are healing from betrayal  
  • 1 million people can avoid repeat betrayals  
  • 1 million people are getting through the 5 stages from betrayal to breakthrough 


A Milestone Helping Over One Million People Heal From Betrayal 

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About the author 

Gabriela Besel

Client Care Specialist

Gabriela is the front line of it all. She welcomes all new members into the community, gets them onboarded and continues to support them throughout their time spent with PBT.

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