What do you do when millions of people see and criticize your actions? Would you be able to take the flood of criticism and judgment? AdaPia d’Errico knows just how much of an ordeal this can be.

Back in 2018, AdaPia went on stage to deliver a keynote speech in Los Angeles, California. She talked about her first marriage, where she betrayed herself by staying even though she was unhappy. It was shared online and became viral. The video reached 40 million views with 100,000 comments and 250 shares on Facebook.

To her shock, people thought she had no good reason for leaving her husband. She was bombarded with hurtful comments and death threats, which led her to a very dark place. In today’s episode of From Betrayal to Breakthrough, she imparts the importance of speaking your truth, overcoming your fears, bouncing back, and so much more.

About Guest/Topic

AdaPia d’Errico is a visionary leader with 20+ years of experience across countries, cultures, and both corporate and start-up environments. She’s co-founded businesses, launched brands, and defined industries. She is a respected fintech entrepreneur, executive, and evangelist who brought real estate crowdfunding into the mainstream.

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In This Episode

  • Who is AdaPia Derrico? [0:10]
  • What is AdaPia’s story? [1:35]
  • How she moved through her trauma [27:40]
  • …and many more


“But if people don’t hear the good enough reason that matches their expectation then, they’ll lash out because there’s gotta be something inside of them that’s unhealed or that’s broken or that’s hurt or that feels betrayed, so that projection came on me in a massive way.” [6:51]

“I had to learn the lesson around honor yourself. You [sic] have to honor myself and keep saying what I need to say irrespective of whether someone’s gonna continue to attack me because that’s their issue.” [19:34]

“But if I can do it—and I’m really not that special, right? I’m not, I’m not a guru, I’m not enlightened—but if I can do it, anyone can make it through. We’re not given anything that we can’t handle and on the other side of it is our growth.” [32:13]

“You can do it. Trust yourself and if you can, like, trust yourself as in trust your heart, and trust what it’s telling you because that’s your power right there.” [32:35]


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