After a blindsiding betrayal that left her as a single mom, Rev. Terri Ann Heiman was lost and searching for a way to feel connected. Through her work with a spiritual counselor, Terri gained tools to help her repair herself, and her family, and come out the other side stronger than ever. Today Terri shares her story and the energy practices that you too can put into place to move through the difficulties of your life and find your inner goddess.

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Often during a betrayal, we deny our intuition and can feel as though the world as we know it has ceased to exist. Terri is here to tell you that you can heal by being open to learning about yourself and what you truly need. Learn ways to use breathing techniques, Reiki practices, and tools to guard your energy so that you can give the best of you to those that deserve it.

When you are able to heal your subconscious you can move past your betrayal and become reacquainted with your spirit. You can get out of a web of narcissism and deal with your betrayal head on to get to the next stage of life with an openness to healing.

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In This Episode

  • Understanding the perfect storm between the narcissist and the empath
  • How to use Reiki on yourself and on others to create a peaceful energy
  • Specific tools to guard your energy and create a happy space for yourself
  • Finding healing through the use of jewelry, crystals and energy fields
  • Acknowledging the spirit within you as another layer of your physical body


“I knew something was wrong, and I was just so busy that I didn’t really pay attention.” (2:46)

“I had no idea what a spiritual counselor meant, but I knew I needed help. And so I did… and then I left and I got back in my car, and right there in the silence of my car I heard, ‘you are going to be okay’.” 7:38)

“I started reading and searching and really opening up to that spiritual literacy around me to find out who I was.” (11:05)

‘Until I really started working with my energy fields and knowing that this is not me, being really strong, that is when it started to shift.” (15:27)

“Because of what I went through, the passion to help other women started to come forward.” (16:23)


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