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Betsy Wiersma is known for BIG IDEA thinking and ROI: Return on Ideas.  After years of service leading the national events industry on the President’s Council for the International Festivals and Events Association, the Advisory Board for Special Events Magazine and with ISES, the International Special Events Society, Betsy now focuses on Wiersma Experience Marketing, her own consulting and event marketing company based in Denver, CO.

Author of many books including the event textbook, Exceptional Events: Concept to Completion, Betsy’s seminars provide event producers and marketers across the globe with everything from basic tips to complex case studies.

She now focuses on her 15-year-old CampExperience™ Network which hosts educational retreats and has supported the lives of over 5000 women.  The CampExperience™ Network has raised over $1 million cash and in-kind support for women’s charities in Colorado and around the world.  Betsy’s 2018 recognition includes the Francis Jacobs Wisebart Award for Philanthropy from Mile High United Way and the 25 Most Powerful Women in Colorado from Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce.  In 2019 she was featured as a Ted-X speaker on the topic “Choose Your Family, Change Your Life.”

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In This Episode

  • Understand the opportunity that comes with betrayal
  • Discover the three powerful lessons that someone can learn from betrayal
  • Know how everything starts with passion, and why it’s important to do what you love to do most


“I’m gonna have my own business.” [3:25]

“What can I do in the world to give me that freedom and flexibility and came up with something called the camp experience network.” [4:43]

“We call it connecting instead of networking,” [7:42]

“And it was so shocking. I didn’t even know what to do.” [10:54]

“I have tons and tons of great friends. But I have a very, very small inner circle. ” [14:07]

“Pay attention to what is true.” [15:58]

“I think that everything is on purpose.” [16:55]

“Trust that everything will be okay.” [17:10]

“Because of so much love that you give out, you never maybe could see some of the circumstances, because you saw through love.” [18:03]

“If you’re just wherever you are in the world, start with something you’re passionate about.” [21:42]

“I just believe everybody is 100% whole and complete, like everybody is perfect.” [27:18]


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