139: How You Betray Yourself In Business w/ Carolyn Herfurth

Carolyn Herfurth does her part to flatten the curve. She stands shoulder-to-shoulder with six and seven figure business owners who want to pivot to their next level of growth. She’s a pro when it comes to seeing the opportunities and crafting new revenue streams. She works with women and helps them grow in scale, and launch their businesses.

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In This Episode

  • Understand how you may be betraying yourself in business
  • Know what to do to communicate authentically and in congruence with who you are and what you’re offering
  • Understand why sometimes business simply doesn’t work


“There’s a lot of cultivation of self doubt, and shame and repression, and that shows up required, requiring you to surrender your own judgment to that of others.” [3:01]

“Women can be bro marketers.” [4:53]

“I talked about bro marketing is any type of behavior that feels manipulative.” [7:07]

“There’s just this system of bro tactics and strategies that we’ve all been like, it’s like seeing air. It’s just like you don’t see it. You don’t know it’s there. But you know, it’s there.” [9:24]

“I’m typically not going to have a client who’s doing something that feels super incongruent because I would never ask them to do it.” [15:22]

“When you’re aligned when you’re speaking the way you’re supposed to be speaking, it just kind of works.” [21:23]

“ I think a lot of betrayal is people coming up with excuses not to invest in themselves.” [22:53]

“It never really worked because the full transformation didn’t happen.” [28:03]

“If you can look at a coach as a thought partner, someone who’s going to ask insightful questions and help you get to see where your blocks are and where you’re getting caught up and kind of like not going through the evolution but staying stuck in one little spot. I just think that’s incredibly important.” [32:35]


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